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These electric vehicles of MAuto, a private autorickshaw service provider, operated by women will go around some localities in the city, serving up everything from Sulaimani chai to chocolate chip cookies to people. For them, this service will help. After it numerous stationary stalls dotting Chennai streets, Gilli chai is making a difference through zero-emission vehicles converted into chai outlets. As these autos serve hot chai and other snacks along the streets, the fleet would be mostly be managed by the women-majority workforce.

You have seen the food trucks, now get set to see the food tuk-tuks as autorickshaws get retro-fitted into roving restaurants, says the Times of India. The chai autos will be completely managed and operated by women at various stages.

The first chai auto is being driven by year-lold Mohanna Sundari who says she has been an autorickshaw driver for a few years now.

According to Rahmatullah, the Gilli Chai firm is launching three conventional brick and mortar outlets which will double up as tea refill stations for the chai autos. Times Now. Follow us on :. Kirti Pandey. Gilli Chai - Chai on Wheels! Key Highlights If you are in Chennai and looking for clean, hygienic cup of joy to take away your tiredness, Gilli's women-driven business is here.

These mobile vans with zero-emissions will be travelling and stopping at pre-decided locations. You can order ready-made snacks, cookies, freshly-made tea etc to cheer yourself up. Earnings trend indicating V-shaped recovery? Nikunj Dalmia shares his editor's take.

Hygienic practices at personal and public level for NEET , AIIMS and JIPMER.

Chappell backs Smith to take over captaincy from Paine. Michelin India is NOT suspending supply of 4wheeler tyres. Types of jewellery all men should have in their wardrobe.Click here to find out more. The copious amount of information available on the world wide web about any and every topic can be very overwhelming at any given time. This immediately segregates it as a heteronormative act and nothing about the queer folk who menstruate appear in these search results at all.

This constant emphasis on gender binaries in each search results has successfully kept the people on the internet in the dark about the spectrum of menstruators in real life.

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome PMS includes symptoms in menstruators typically occurring between ovulation and menstruation. The wobbly feelings in the body due to changing hormonal levels can be quite stressful as it is. However, the meme culture has a very reductive outlook towards PMS — one that is definitely centred on women and portrays them as Monica from F.

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Some of the memes are constant reminders to boys that PMS-ing women become unapproachable, unlovable and difficult to handle because of their mood swings. The larger effect of this can be felt in the constant trivialisation of PMS among the boys and an angry retaliation from the menstruators which seeks to completely do away with the boys in the narratives surrounding menstruation.

This, in turn, widens the gulf between both the parties, making menstruation look like an enigma. No matter how much we might have troubles talking about menstruation in real life, the internet is full of period talk — from embarrassing stories of menarche to serious menstrual health-related symptoms.

While this ensures that awareness about menstruation reaches all internet users, I was once told by a senior that it was tiring to have to see menstruation being hyped so much. The question then arises, do we hype periods up? How does the representation of periods, in general, on social media lead to wider conclusions about a person and their opinions? Since the stigma around menstruation is age-old and very difficult to do away with completely, two almost neat factions exist in this scenario — one, supporting the awareness drive and two, the people who would rather keep the idea closeted in black plastic packets.

Unfortunately, the biological process of menstruation then has lost all the naturalness. It is now a war of words between the newer generation and the old, the liberals and the conservatives. Of course, without the internet and its resources, the little knowledge that we tend to develop about menstruation would have been lost to many but the importance of sharing the right kind of information about menstruation, sans the stereotypes, is essential to help menstruation be treated as what it is — a natural phenomenon.

Speak Up. Just like them, anyone can publish on Youth Ki Awaaz. Written by Ahendrila Goswami The copious amount of information available on the world wide web about any and every topic can be very overwhelming at any given time.

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Mahesh Agarwal. I am from delhi and moved to Bangalore. I am working in Infosys as a Sr. I recently became a father and both of us are working.

hygienic meaning in tamil

I wanted a reliable babycaretaker for my daughter and I contacted bookmybai. Very happy with the lady bookmybai has provided me with. She takes care of the baby really well and I can relax and work at peace. Thank you bookmybai for launching maid services in bangalore.

Solved a very big problem. Nagaraj Puttaparty. When I heard bookmybai has launched maid services in Bangalore I was super excited and tried them.

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My friends in mumbai had used their services. I hired a cleaning and cooking maid in bangalore for 8 hours and they delivered to their promise by sending me a document verified maid in Koramangala. I wish you all the best and would ask my friends to use your services. Minal Mittal. I have paid a lot of money to a lot of maid agencies but all of them have taken my money and ran away.It is likely going to be coupled with the launch of the OnePlus 9 series of smartphones.

The smartwatch will likely run a bespoke Android OS that has compatibility with the iPhone as well. Apple fanboys may be able to get their hands-on Apple Airtags to attach to keys, wallets and luggage. The AirTags can be used to track any object and will likely go head-to-head with the Tile Tracker, which is the best tracking option at the moment. The device will use Ultra-Wideband radio for accurately tracking the tag and can be charged wirelessly like the Apple Watch. One of the zaniest entries on the list is the SprayCare Band which makes sense when you get to know about it.

It is a wearable band that sprays sanitiser on your hands at the touch of a button. The Zoox APV is the new way to get around town now. The personal transportation device lets you relax and travel around in a fun, safe and hygienic way. The autonomous vehicle has two benches that allow the same amount of comfort to all the passengers. It lets you move in all directions while being held in place by a smart arm.

The VR device can also detect when you crouch, strafe, walk or run according to your movements.

hygienic meaning in tamil

With a diameter of 4 feet, it is compact enough to use at home without compromising on your VR experience. Are any of these products in your shopping cart? Tell us in the comments below.

Times Now. Follow us on :. Rishabh Chakravorty Copy Editor. Key Highlights holds a lot of promise when it comes to gadgets for the new decade. Are you looking forward to and the new horizon of gadgets on offer? Worried over missing online classes due to absence of gadgets, Class 10 student ends life. Bhandara Hospital tragedy reflects dereliction; Will justice be served?

The Newshour Debate. Earnings trend indicating V-shaped recovery?Today's Free Tips Here is a list of researched matches and their forecast We are working on this.

Packed with expert commentary and forward-thinking advice, this whitepaper arms you with the knowledge you need to stay competitive in the years ahead. The proliferation in recent years of transparent, sustainably conscious companies such as Warby Parker and Everlane has initiated a radical shift in the retail industry one we can expect to gain greater traction in 2017.

Instead, shoppers have begun gravitating toward retailers who reveal all the inner workings of their operations. Everlane, for example, details the entire production costs of their products: materials, labor, duties, and markup. They also include information on the factories in which products are made, complete with pictures and videos of the employees and factories themselves. Stores providing unique in-store experiences will thrive. Retailers who can provide unique in-store experiences will be king in 2017.

Finding ways to match and exceed the seamlessness of online shopping. Most retailers are attempting to do this by creating omnichannel shopping experiences in other words, by bringing the amenities of the online world into brick and mortar stores. Customers can use the tablets to scan barcodes and learn additional information about products, to add items to wishlists, and to enlist the help of sales associates in gathering those wishlist items.

As in-store experiences become increasingly important to consumers, we can expect to see more retailers invest in similar initiatives.

Retailers across the board will adopt mobile payment solutions. Mobile payments are the way of the (immediate) future.

At the end of 2016, projections say there will be 447. And if the predictions are any indication, missing out on those sales could mean missing out on a lot of money.

Businesses that are making the transition need to think ahead and seek solutions that will support contactless to future-proof their EMV upgrade. Consumers like to tap, and businesses need to set themselves up for success in this area. With Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay continuing to expand into North America and globally, the importance of being able to accept contactless transactions will increase.

Consumers will expect to be able to pay the way they want, and businesses will need to evolve as their customer expectations change. When it comes to store size, less will be more in 2017. To further understand why shoppers seem to be moving away from larger stores, we need to look at another big trend in the retail industry: the importance of convenience and accessibility.

When people can shop online and have items delivered to their homes in a matter of hours, it takes the promise of a quick, easy experience to entice them to make the trip to an actual physical location. Instead, they want ease and efficiency in the form of smaller stores with specialized selections. There are other benefits to smaller stores as well.There is no need to place a bet on this game specifically, as long as the account is funded and active, then you'll be able to see the action unfolding as Umai Emery's side take to the field.

To check if the game is available in your region, simply log in and click on "Live Streaming", this will bring up a schedule of all the available events. Of course many punters will want to see what price they can get on the 25-year-old Brazilian making an immediate impact.

Think he's set for a dream debut. It's seemingly a two horse race at the top of the Ligue 1 scoring charts too, with the bookmaker unable to split Neymar and team mate Edinson Cavani at this point. Don't forget, if you want to watch Neymar's debut then bet365's live streaming offers a fantastic option to tune into the action on a range of devices. Will it be a dream debut for Neymar at PSG. CARTOON: Time for Suarez to step aside.

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Watch it live with bet365. Established by Denise Coates in 2000 from a portable building in Stoke-on-Trent, the company has grown into a global operation that employs over 1,400 people and is live in 17 languages. Solace gives us with a highly available service that enables us to transfer data in close to real-time speeds.

Online casinos are like virtual vaults full of cash that are waiting to be unlocked. Through a combination of skillful play and careful selection it's possible to unpick these locks and take your bankroll to the next level. However, while the process of becoming a strategy expert is a solitary process, the act of finding the right platform to ply your trade at is a collective effort.

At CardsChat we appreciate this fact and have reviewed every major (and minor) online casino on the planet to help you sort it all out. From Betfair and Sky Vegas to Betfred and Titan Casino, we've covered all the top providers and broken each of them down into their consistent parts in order to bring you a series of in-depth overviews. Thanks to the expansion of the internet in recent times the process of reviewing a brand has shifted from subjective word-of-mouth to an objective process shaped by the experiences of a community.

Today, you wouldn't buy anything without checking the product's reviews or the supplier's online rating and we believe this process shouldn't be any different when selecting an online casino provider. We don't want you to risk your money at a site without knowing whether or not it has a positive reputation. Because of this we've collated a huge amount of data and opinion, pieced it all together and presented in a selection of reviews so you don't have to rely on guess work or hearsay when choosing a platform.Everyday changes in the weather are also high on the list of moments that brands want to use to trigger digital campaigns.

Other triggers we expect brands to utilise in 2016 include a change in pollution levels. Also that means the money is now going to completely wrong pockets, arguably causing even more damage to the society.

This is highly noticeable with video ads, where poorly managed optimization attempts are causing viewers to wait for several seconds and some times even more until the page fully loads or video content starts playing. I expect to see substantial improvement in 2016 as video-centric platforms gain better technologies to enhance yield and delivery optimization.

Alternatively, its the year of the video-native-social mobile. To continue reading this article, please exit incognito mode or log in. Why we made this change Visitors are allowed 3 free articles per month (without a subscription), and private browsing prevents us from counting how many stories you've read. We hope you understand, and consider subscribing for unlimited online access. But joking aside, futurism is a big and fascinating business. This story is part of our ongoing Insider Conversations series that allows Premium subscribers to be a part of the conversation as our editors talk with innovators and entrepreneurs.

See the whole series here. If you are an Insider Premium subscriber, we'll send you an email announcing the next Insider Conversation. Keep an eye out and we hope you can join us. My positions have included deputy editor and executive editor of MIT Technology Review and technology editor for the Associated Press. Business Impact Business Impact Business Impact Business ImpactHow technology advances are changing the economy and providing new opportunities in many industries.

For decades computer scientists have created artificial life to test ideas about evolution. Doing so on a quantum computer could help capture the role quantum mechanics may have played. Subscribe now for unlimited access to online articles.

Subscribe today Why we made this change Visitors are allowed 3 free articles per month (without a subscription), and private browsing prevents us from counting how many stories you've read. See them all Insider Conversations How to Predict the Future Anyone can think like a futurist, according to Amy Webb, who does it for a living. Webb, the CEO of the Future Today Institute, explains her methods.

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hygienic meaning in tamil

Therefore, it is discussed and evaluated, according to multiple parameters (see below), before being published. Every sport event (soccer, tennis, basketball etc. The mission of the Vicious project is to treat the single bet as an investment with very high returns, in which the analysis and knowledge of our team are designed to minimize the risks and maximize profits.

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