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I got this from some Italian website some time ago and had copied it to my notes.


Cant remember the name of the website. Had it translated courtesy of Google Translation. Hope it makes sense. The consultant looks forward to more information, particularly in the affective field. Invitation to a party or ceremony.

Sibilla Primer: Lesson 1, Part 1 (Card Meanings: Feelings, Events, States of Being)

In love, things are going this lily should run for cover to protect the relationship, there may be an infidelity. Near the marriage good marriage. Renovating a property. With success: a good deal economically. Positive woman, affectionate. His habits, can also represent friends or distant relatives. Taken to heart a problem, exchange of views, acute person. According to the cards is closer to events inside the house. Disagio to expose the feelings. General meaning: It represents the culmination of a love, ls stability of a relationship, loyal sentiments, reconciliation of troubled love.

Successes in economic and labor. Good friendship. A second card which surrounds assumes meanings of infidelity and unrequited feelings. Breaking a friendship important plans that blend, use a lot of objectivity in the decisions.

Working in the birth of a new business. Feeling cold, loss of libido and sexual and emotional. All those situations dictated by the mind, reports not yet materialized. Particularly vulnerable, sensitive. Think twice before acting. A person not interested, you have to meditate alone on the steps to take, a refusal of dialogue in the feelings, the thought of leaving, unsympathetic attitude, problems that you do not want to talk, feelings of guilt.

Indicates the lover, a jealous person, a liar. In the field of business promotion, grade advancement, salary increase. In love an invitation to surprise, complicity, feeling. Even winning the game.The first known Sibilla Cards were created in Published by the French publishing firm, B. Grandville, who was commissioned by Grimaud to create the deck. This deck came into being at a time when Marie-Anne Therese LeNormand was a highly-celebrated seer and diviner in France.

Madame LeNormand was consulted by a very select clientele. If you go to Amazon. Italians appear to have taken to the Sibilla cards so readily, one could be forgiven for thinking an Italian invented them; Italian publisher Lo Scarabeo alone offers several different Sibilla decks.

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There are 52 cards in the Sibilla deck, the same number of cards as the standard playing deck. Like the Lenormand and Kipper decks, each Sibilla card has a unique image and concept attached to it. Unlike the Lenormand and Kipper cards, they are not numbered. Like the Tarot cards, the Sibilla cards do have an upright and reversed meaning to each card. They are arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the card.

Cheerfulness- Description: This card depicts a trio of happy people holding their glasses up to each other in a toast. Meanings: There has been some success, victory or happy news; a goal reached, employment secured, a promotion attained, a fortune made on some brilliant idea, an engagement or pregnancy announced.

In any event, this card foretells some cause for celebration or good cheer. Reversed: Bad news; a celebration either cut-short or cancelled altogether by bad news. An initial stroke of good fortune may have suddenly and unexpectedly reversed into bad fortune. Child- Description: Either a baby in its bassinet, or a very young child playing.

Meanings: It can actually represent a baby or child in the reading, or it can represent someone with a childlike—or childish—mind. The child can represent any new enterprise beginning; a new relationship, a fresh start, a new project beginning, a long-lived and beneficial window of opportunity opening up.

It can also represent a pregnancy, birth, hopes for the child, or childhood.

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Something which started out promisingly, goes wrong, crashed and burns. Consolation- Description: A man sitting on a terrace reading is surprised by an angel bearing gifts. Meanings: A sudden, unexpected, and pleasant surprise is coming for the inquirer. If they have been suffering a bereavement recently, they made be assured a sweet salve to their spirit is coming. This can also herald deserved rewards coming to someone who has firmly-believed in their ideas, and as a result, sees their hopes and dreams coming to fruition.

This card reversed could also represent missed or wasted opportunities. Constancy- Description: A woman with erect bearing stands leaning one arm on a broken-off pillar and stares resolutely off into the distance. Meanings: Commitments are honored, lovers are faithful, the long-distance runner stays in and finishes the race.

The inquirer may be assured that they will not be abandoned by the other party in the reading, because the other party is dedicated, persistent, reliable, and will honor their obligation. Reversed: Inconsistency, unreliability, or lack of dedication to the task or relationship in front of one could result in a set-back, a loss, or a missed opportunity.The structure is a regular deck of playing cards with the usual four suits, illustrated with scenes from the daily life of that era and a title for each card.

The playing card symbol is shown in the upper left corner and a number in the upper right corner. A PDF Guidebook will give you the card meanings and key words for a better understanding of the cards.

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sibilla oracle cards meanings

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Positivewoman, aectionate. His habits,canalsorepresentfriendsordistantrelatives. Generalmeaning:Itrepresentstheculminationofalove,lsstabilityofarelationship,loyal sentiments,reconciliationoftroubledlove.

Asecondcardwhich surroundsassumesmeaningsofindelityandunrequitedfeelings. Breakingafriendship importantplansthatblend,usealotofobjectivityinthedecisions.

Feelingcold,lossoflibidoand sexualandemotional. Allthose situationsdictatedbythemind,reportsnotyetmaterialized. Apersonnotinterested,you havetomeditatealoneonthestepstotake,arefusalofdialogueinthefeelings,thethoughtof leaving,unsympatheticaitude,problemsthatyoudonotwanttotalk,feelingsofguilt.

Indicatesthelover,a jealousperson,aliar. Intheeldofbusinesspromotion, gradeadvancement,salaryincrease. Even winningthegame. Vicino:Asurprisegoing upstream. Atwork therewillberesultsthatareslowtoarrive,keepthesituationundercontrol. Bigforgoen,alost document,acommunicationdoesnotarrive,thesurroundingcardswilldeterminewhetherthe endtheoutcomewillbepositiveornegative,stubborn,taxation.

Afun, conversation. Canalso representaneventawaitedbytheconsultant,thepaperswillbeestablishedcloseifitispositive ornegative. Atwork,bewaryof promisescausewillnotbeimplemented. Discordin lovewithyourpartneronarrival.The emotions, pleasure, happiness, balance, fertility, passion, affection, sentimentality, love, romantic interactions, and interpersonal concerns.

This suit indicates emotional strength, and concern for the human condition. Ace — Conversazione Conversation : words, conversation, negotiation, interview, family influences, housemates. R : lack of communication, change, arguments.

sibilla oracle cards meanings

Two — Casa House : house, building, real estate, family harmony, heart of the issue. Three — Belvedere Beautiful View : imminent arrival of news, Something or someone new on the way, expectations, waiting, anxiety, trepidation.

R : delayed news, arrival of someone or something best kept at a distance, unfortunate news on the way. Four — Amore Love : love, romance, attraction, expansion, promotion. R : end of love, infidelity, sexual perversion. Five — Allegrezza al Cuore Joy of the Heart : fulfillment, happy outcome, promise, engagement, probationary period, family happiness. R : unstable relationship, betrayal, family disagreements, hindrance. Six — Denari Money : money, wealth, financial matters, the past, what is known R : money problems, debt, loss of money, money not received, the future, something new or as yet unknown.

Family member, brother, partner, etc. A scholar or an artist of noble character. An attorney, a contract. Sexual perversion, obsession, distorted reality. Eight — Speranza Hope : success, attainment, flirtations, protection, by the water, investments. R : lost hope, depression, frustration, failure. R : infidelity, insincerity, lack of trust, tainted love.

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sibilla oracle cards meanings

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sibilla oracle cards meanings

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